Jumbo Shrimps Cocktail- $11.95
Black Tiger Shrimps poached with our homemade Cocktail sauce

Calamari – $8.95
Golden fried Calamari with spicy Marinara and Jerk Mayo

Crab Cakes – $12.95
Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab cakes with Cajun Remoulade

Mille Feuille of Snails – $11.95
Roasted in Garlic Cream sautéed Spinach and fried Leeks

Tuna Sashimi – $10.95
Local Yellow-fin Tuna sashimi served with Mango and Wakami salad, Wasabi and pickled Ginger

Conch fritters – $8.95
Our classic Conch fritters with Jerk Mayo

Jumbo Scallops Gratine – $10.95
Fresh Scallops grilled and topped with Mushroom ragout and gratinéed over Potato mousseline

 Crispy Mango Shrimps – $13.95
Black Tiger Shrimps marinated in spicy Mango sauce deep fried over Cayman Rum and Coconut Chili sauce



 Creamy Cognac Laced Lobster Bisque – $6.95 

Cayman Conch Chowder – $6.95 

Paradise Turtle soup – $8.95
A steaming bowl of fresh Green Sea Turtle

Soup of the Day – $6.95



Mango Avocado & Lobster salad – $15.95
Pan seared Lobster medallions with Avocado and Mango chunks
over a bed of Lettuce drizzled with Plum Balsamic Vinaigrette

Caesar Salad – $7.95
Romaine Hearts tossed in our classic Caesar Dressing and Herb Croutons
– with Chicken: $12.95  |  – with Shrimp or Fish: $16.95

Greek Salad – $8.50
Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bermuda Onions, Feta Cheese and Olives over a bed of lettuce
– with Shrimps: $16.95

Spinach Salad — $9.95
Spinach and mixed Lettuce with Strawberries, Goat Cheese and toasted Walnuts with a Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

Caprese Salad – $8.95
Fresh Mozzarella, vine ripe Tomatoes with Basil and Lemon Vinaigrette



Fettuccine Alfredo Clasic – $13.95
In creamy Parmesan sauce
– with Chicken – $12.95  |  – with Shrimp or Fish – $18.95

Linguini Primavera – $14.95
Linguini pasta with garden Fresh Veggies in Garlic Olive Oil with a touch of Marinara.  A Vegetarian’s Delight!!

Spaghetti Bolognese – $15..95
Spaghetti Pasta tossed with our rich homemade Meat Sauce

Pasta A La Russa – $19.95
Penne pasta with Atlantic salmon chunks in Vodka pink sauce and Pine Nuts

Linguini Mr. Nock – $25.95
Lobster, Shrimp and Sausage in Tomato Sauce

Penne Zio Yunio – $23.95
Lobster and Shrimp in a Pink Sauce

Meat Lasagna – $15.95
Rich meat Lasagna topped gratinéed with mixed Cheese 

Seafood Pasta – $23.95
Linguini with Lobster, Shrimps, Fish and Calamari in our Basil Tomato Sauce 

Penne Siciliana – $18.95
Sausage, Chicken and Bell Peppers in a spicy Tomato Sauce



Catch of the Day – $22.95

Prepared either way;

Grilled: with Garlic Potato Mash and Lemon Beurre Blanc

Island Style: Cooked in our secret Island-Style Sauce served with Rice & Beans, Coleslaw and Fried Plantains

Pan fried: with Citrus Beurre Blanc and Potato Mousseline

Blackened: with sautéed Veggies, roasted Potatoes and Tropical Fruit Salsa

Daily Lobster Creation – $32.95
Island Style, Broiled, Thermidor OR ask your server for our Chef’s daily creation 

Mahi-Mahi our way – $22.95
Sauteed local Mahi with Creamed Baby Spinach, Chili-spiced Pineapple Jam and roasted Garlic Mash

Mango Snapper – $22.95
Local Red Snapper marinated in Sweet Mango and Chili sauce,
pan seared and served with Garlic mash and Fruit Salsa

Jumbo Shrimps & Lobster – $28.95
Fresh Caribbean Lobster chunks and Tiger Shrimps in Champagne Cream with a touch of Cayenne and Curried Potatoes

Citrus and Parsley Crusted Salmon – $21.00
With Lobster Potato and Saffron Green Peppercorn sauce, Garlic Spinach and braised garden fresh Veggies

Ahi Tuna – $22.95
Local Yellow-fin Tuna, Herb-crusted over warm Lentil Salad and Orange Beurre Blanc

Pine nut crusted Grouper – $21.95
Baked Grouper with Creamed Spinach and Sweet Lemon and Orange Marmalade

Mix Seafood Curry – $23.95
Lobster, Shrimps, and Fish simmered in Coconut Curry broth, White Rice, Naan Bread and Papadums

Seafood platter -$34.95
A sample of our seafood; Lobster Tail, fresh Fish, Black Tiger Shrimps
and Calamari for seafood lovers with Lemon Beurre Blanc

Cayman Turtle Steak – $36.95
Scallopine of Cayman Green Sea Turtle braised with Wild Mushrooms and
flambéed with Jack Daniel’s served with Roasted Potatoes and Veggies

Surf ‘n’ Turf – $48.95
6 oz. Filet Mignon Black Angus Beef and 8 oz. Caribbean Lobster Tail broiled
to perfection with Drawn Butter and Pepper Sauce

Certified Angus Ribeye Steak – $26.00
16 oz CAB Steak with Potato Mousseline, Shiitake Mushrooms, Milk and Onion over Red Wine Jus

Pork Chops – $21.95
Center-cut Pork Chops marinated in Caribbean spices with Guava Rum Sauce
and Drunken Apple Raisin Fruit Flambé

Paradise Chicken – $18.95
Fresh Herbs and Garlic-marinated Sonoma Valley Chicken Breast sautéed
with Mushrooms and Shallots with Cabernet Jus

Chicken Tikka Masala – $18.95
Cubes of Chicken marinated the Indian way tossed in Creamy Tomato Sauce


 Kid’s Menu

Eddie’s Chicken Tenders and Fries – $8.00

Penne & Cheese – $8.00

Fish Fingers and Fries – $8.00

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Fries – $8.00

Cheese Quesadillas – $8.00


For our vegetarian guests, please inform your server so we can accommodate you. 



(All served with Vanilla Ice Cream) 

Cayman Rum Cake – $6.95

Chocolate Pecan Cake – $6.95

Mango Cheese Cake – $6.95

Warm Apple Pie – $6.95 

Sticky Toffee Pudding – $6.95

Key Lime Pie – $6.95