Conch Fritters   $11.95 

Our secret recipe served with jerk mayo 

& mango salsa. Our #1 dish, truly a must have!


Paradise Shrimp   $14.95 

Sauteed shrimp with local peppers, scallions & a touch of lime.


Crispy Calamari   $9.95

Golden fried calamari with spicy marinara and jerk mayo.


Fresh Daily Ceviche   $11.95

Finely diced fresh catch of the day tossed in lime juice and 

spices with crispy bell peppers, cilantro and red onion.

A wonderfully light and refreshing dish.


Crab Cakes   $13.95

Our signature jumbo crab cakes served with mango salsa.



(Served with your choice of rice & beans, white rice or french fries)


Paradise Tacos  

Served with lettuce, caramelized onions, chilli sour cream

& tropical fruits. A local favorite!

Steak   $14.95

Fish   $14.95

Shrimp or Lobster $15.95



Chicken   $10.95

Shrimp or Lobster  $13.95



(Served with your choice of rice & beans, white rice or french fries)


Cheeseburger In Paradise   $11.95

Homemade Black Angus burger charbroiled & served with American cheese.

Add mushrooms, avocado or bacon   $1.25


Turtle Burger   $16.95

Farm raised green sea turtle flash fried & served with jerk mayo.


Steak Sandwich   $16.95

Seared striploin with roasted peppers, onions, spinach 

& melted cheddar jack.


Nearly World Famous Fish Sandwich   $13.95

Our fresh catch seasoned island style & served with tartar sauce.

Grilled, Blackened or Fried.





Chef ‘s Daily Creations   $6.95


Conch Chowder   $6.95

Creamy chowder with Caribbean queen conch,

pumpkin 7 chocho. It’s the best on the island.


Cayman Turtle Soup   $6.95

An Island favourite!


Lobster Bisque   $6.95

Cognac laced rich lobster bisque.



(Choice of dressings: Homemade honey mustard, signature Caesar, lite Italian,

fat free cilantro ranch or house salsa ranch.)


Queen Conch Salad   $11.95

Fresh Caribbean queen conch with lime & local peppers.


Shrimp & Mango Salad   $13.95

Local mangoes, sweet peppers & grilled shrimp over

baby greens with a mango dressing.


Scallop & Shrimp Salad   $14.95

Honey glazed scallops 7 black tiger shrimp over

baby greens with a honey balsamic vinaigrette.


Caesar Salad   $8.50

Heart of romaine, herb croutons & creamy Caesar dressing.

Chicken $10.75

Fish  $15.95

Shrimp or Lobster  $16.95

Scallops $16.95


House Garden Salad   $8.50

Fresh local greens with your choice of dressing.

Chicken $10.75

Fish   $15.95

Shrimp or Lobster   $16.95

Scallops   $16.95


Side Dishes

Rice and Beans   $3.50

French fries    $3.50

Fried Sweet Plantain   $3.50

Farm raised green sea turtle. Simply delicious.



(Served with your choice of rice & beans, white rice or french fries)


Fisherman’s Catch  $18.95

Fresh from Cayman’s blue waters.

Grilled, Blackened or Cayman Style.


Mango Snapper   $18.95

Local red snapper pan-seared with sweet chilli mango 

sauce & mango salsa.


Steak & Lobster   $26.95

10 oz. strip steak & Caribbean lobster tail with drawn butter

and peppercorn sauce.


Coconut Shrimp   $16.95

Sweet coconut crusted shrimp flash fried &

served with honey mustard sauce.


Herbs & Pepper Crusted Yellow Fin Tuna   $21.95

Local yellow fin tuna grilled to perfection with 

wasabi and ginger cream.


Fresh Caribbean Lobster   $25.95

8 oz. of fresh Caribbean lobster tails.

Grilled, Cayman Style or Thermidor.


Caribbean Coconut Curry Conch    $18.95

Fresh Caribbean queen conch delicately tenderized,

then simmered in coconut curry with local peppers.


Ocean in a Basket   $21.95

Our delicious combination of flash fried fish,

coconut shrimp, conch fritters & crab cakes 

served with tartar sauce & honey mustard.


Pirate’s Penne

An ocean treasure trove of calamari, shrimp, fish & lobster

tossed in a pink vodka sauce.



Sweet Moments $4.95

(Served with vanilla ice cream)

Cayman Lime Pie 

Rum Cake

Mango Cheesecake




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